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for iPad

The best Mac slideshow app – used by thousands of professional and amateur photographers around the world and winner of two of the prestigious Apple Design Awards – is coming to iPad!

Easy to learn, and powerful to use. 

FotoMagico brings you in full control of how your photos, videos are presented together with text and sounds. It let you create involving keynotes in minutes. 

FotoMagico™ for iPad – Live Stream Launch Event 


FotoMagico for iPad

Start your free trial today!

The best slideshow creator for Mac is now available for your iPad. 

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App description 

The best slideshow creator for Mac is now available for your iPad. 

3 reasons to get the full version:  

Subscription (InApp): 

  • Create and build new slideshows on your iPad 
  • Edit and continue to work on files from your FotoMagico 5 Mac while on the go 
  • Share and present your slideshow with your iPad
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What’s included in the free version? 

  • Try full version for 14 days
  • Free player and presenter for your FotoMagico 5 files (Mac) 

Technologies supported

  • Apple AirPlay
  • High Performance Metal Rendering

Everyone wants to emotionally connect with their audience while presenting video and photo projects. A great keynote is the best combination of a vivid presentation style and a technical high-end projection of the work.

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Horseshoe bend, Arizona

Whether you want to present live in front of an audience or upload your presentation to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, image quality is key. FotoMagico preserves the original image quality of your photos and videos even when presenting in HD or 4k. FotoMagico will play-out your keynote in real-time and in the best quality available for your output device. 

Industry-leading technologies make it possible to present your keynote in 4k without wasting any render time. Simply press PLAY and you will see your presentation instantly on-screen. 

FotoMagico removes roadblocks hindering your creativity. Get started right away! The Ken Burns-style pan and zoom effect adds drama to your story. Simply add music, sounds, text, titles, and even transitions to transform any slideshow into a great multimedia keynote experience. 

App Store Link

Learn more about FotoMagico for iPad

Tutorial: Getting Started

In this tutorial you will learn how to get started with FotoMagico™ for iPad.
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