One-to-One Coaching

Although Boinx Software products are very easy to use, a One-to-One Coaching session with our tech support pros will help you to get started or advance your skill level with your Boinx product much quicker than if you were on your own.

A typical session lasts about 45 minutes, where you and your personal trainer work together on your computer on your data, while talking either on the phone or through the internet connection of your computer. Feel free to bring specific projects and ideas to the session.

Your shortcut to more productivity:


45 Minutes One-to-One Coaching.
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Plan your Meeting

When we receive the order, our specialist will contact you to arrange time and date for your session.


Prepare for the session

Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport App.

Download Teamviewer

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the coaching results or the session can not be set up due to technical difficulties, we will issue a full refund.

Working with TeamViewer

For the One-to-One Coaching sessions we are using a product called TeamViewer(1). It consists of a TeamViewer QuickSupport module, which you download to your computer free of charge.

When you launch it, it creates a random ID and a random password which are only valid until you quit the app. To allow your personal trainer to connect to your computer, the trainer will need to know both the ID and the password shown in the TeamViewer QuickSupport window on your computer.

The system is perfectly secure for you. At any time, you are in control of the connection. You initiate the connection. Your trainer can not connect or copy any data from or to your system without your explicit consent. You can end the connection at any time. Read more about Security and Privacy on the TeamViewer website.

Once you are done, you simply delete the TeamViewer QuickSupport Application from your computer and no trace of the Coaching session remains (except for the added knowledge in your brain) and there is no way for us to connect to your computer again.

(1) TeamViewer is a trademark of TeamViewer GmbH, Göppingen.

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