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mimoLive (formerly BoinxTV) is like a full blown TV studio at a fraction of the cost. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio and more to create a stunning recording or live video.

With mimoLive, your students easily create a newscast for your school and record events like lectures, sports, concerts, and more. For most students, it is a much more satisfying and motivating experience to have an active role in making a television show than just watching one. It gives students an immediate sense of achievement—it's fun and motivating for those in front of the camera, but also for the operating studio team, to see the results immediately. Creating documentaries, conducting interviews, and developing events gives the students limitless possibilities—building a learning experience that is personally relevant to them, that is personally created, written, edited, and photographed by them.

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Turn your Mac into a TV studio! mimoLive is a pioneering live production software for creating Live to Disk, Live to Internet and Live to Stage video.

How Others Are Using BoinxTV

  • BoinxTV Brings Best Business News to Students

    by Dr. Trent Tucker

    Dr. Trent Tucker, a professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, has been using BoinxTV to easily create two-minute news shorts for his students. The series, titled “Business News This Week,” reinforces Dr. Tucker’s class theme, #thinkbiz, which asks students to consider the business implications of everything they do in their day-to-day lives.

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  • The BoinxTV Manor

    by Manor Independent School District

    Five elementary schools in Manor Independent School District in Texas are brightening up their mornings with student-run BoinxTV news shows to deliver announcements to the student body. The schools, which include Manor Elementary, Pioneer Crossing Elementary and Decker Elementary, each host their own show, and each has its own unique personality thanks to its anchors.

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  • Listen Up for Your Daily Banks County Middle School BoinxTV Announcement!

    by John Fuller

    For some students, becoming a TV personality is a dream of the future. For the students at Banks County Middle School in Georgia, it is the first bit of fun in their day thanks to faculty member John Fuller. BCMS’s morning television show is designed and broadcasted using BoinxTV, and it has transformed the daily announcements into a fun program run by students.

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  • Kids go On-Air with BoinxTV

    FS1.tv, a public access tv station in Salzburg, Austria, and Q3, a non-profit youth program provider from southern Germany, are partners in the SO!TV project. About 40 kids from the German/Austrian border region form four editorial departments to produce local TV stories. The kids meet regularly throughout the month to work on their editorial content and meet once a month to record the final show in a news/talkshow format at the FS1 studio in Salzburg. The SO!TV show is broadcast daily in the FS1 program. The kids have produced this trailer to advertise the project to the region and to document the project for the sponsors. (in German)

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  • Get a Preview of BoinxTV 2 on MacVoices

    by Chuck Joiner

    Chuck Joiner interviews Oliver at New Media Expo on the show floor of NAB about the new features of BoinxTV 2. Also watch as Chuck gets the high score in our nerf dart demo game show, used to demonstrate how to integrate the Internet of Things into broadcasting using BoinxTV.

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  • Halloween Projection Mapping

    by Achim Breidenbach

    Using BoinxTV, Achim turned the facade of his home into a spooky old barn, haunted by ghosts and playground for witches and bats. He hooked up his MacBook Pro to a projector and using several "Placer with Distortion"-Layers mapped the barn texture onto the walls of his house. Then he created some virtual puppets using custom BoinxTV layers based on Quartz Composer for the ghosts, bat and witch. Several neighbors were seen fleeing the site when he turned on the projector...

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  • A Dentist’s Office + BoinxTV = Mathematica Et Cetera

    Today, you can pretty much watch a digital copy of anything you want. It’s the age of Netflix and DVR and high-definition cable TV, and by the small chance you can’t find it, there’s enough technology out there for you to create it yourself.

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  • Students Use BoinxTV to Create, Learn and Tell Stories

    by Fryeburg Academy

    A recent addition to the school’s curriculum to help further the Academy’s mission is Filmmaking and Broadcast – a course that requires its students to create content for, report, shoot and edit their own news show. After weeks of hard work and behind-the-scenes efforts – made easier through the class’s use of BoinxTV – FATV is broadcast online to the news team’s fellow classmates and faculty.

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  • It's Math Happy Hour

    Combining his love of mathematics and computer science, Gustavo Reis’s mathematics school, “Mathematica Et Cetera”, is helping to bring the “cool” factor back into learning about math for students, teachers, and parents of all ages. “Mathematica Et Cetera” aims to promote the teaching and learning of mathematics in various levels through established methods, providing the direction needed to make learning happen naturally and efficiently.

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  • Munich International School Goes Live With BoinxTV

    MIS Live is not your average news station. Located in a small classroom filled with Mac computers on the outskirts of Munich, the station is comprised of students from the Munich International School's Middle School — a co-ed institution dedicated to helping students achieve their greatest potential. For the team of MIS Live, that potential comes in the form of budding journalists and broadcasters, creating exciting and remarkably professional news show for their school community, with the help of a little program called BoinxTV.

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Make your SchoolTV turn heads

mimoLive opens up remarkable new opportunities to inform about educational projects and school activities, narrowing the gap between school and community. Easily record the Christmas play or sports events and broadcast it to your community via Internet or Public Access TV. Being a member of the production team will become very prestigious as the viewers will watch in wonder.

Less effort – more result

Class projects gets more vivid and fun with video. Video creators used to have to spend many hours editing their takes to get a professional-looking result. mimoLive dramatically reduces the overall production time as cuts, graphic effects, titles and more can be applied easily during the recording of the project. Everything that can be done during that stage does not have to be done in post-production. Students can focus on the content, and don't waste their time with editing. This is a big advantage: A basic video production with mimoLive can be accomplished within the existing timeframe of the class schedule.

An affordable studio

The equipment of a full-blown television studio has always been a heavy investment for educational organizations or is simply out of reach. With mimoLive you get an affordable, scalable and easy-to-learn solution to build a low-cost TV studio, even with multiple cameras. mimoLive provides all the possibilities of expensive studio hardware, with software, to create shows with a higher production quality in less time at a fraction of the cost.

Easy to master (for teachers too!)

Students will master mimoLive in a breeze, but Teachers will not be left far behind. mimoLive has been honored with an Apple Design Award for its excellent usability and innovation by Apple, the company know for easy to use products. In contrast to traditional Broadcasting equipment, mimoLive is extremely intuitive, making it easy to comprehend and use.

Skills fostered by the use of mimoLive

Working with video and especially with mimoLive, students will acquire numerous skills. First of all of course the technical skills needed to produce a TV show: How does the equipment work? What are the workflows needed to create a live TV show? Apart from that, a lot of soft skills are honed: How do I express and present my point of view? How do I collaborate with others? How do I tell a compelling story? How do I present my school and events to the Community? In the process they also develop their media competencies and learn to understand how the media they consume every day presents an image of the world.

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