NAB 2018 – NDI® Pavilion booth SL5516

Coming to NAB? We’ll be demoing mimoLive with NDI at the NDI Pavilion (booth SL5516). Learn how mimoLive fits into your existing NDI workflow as a powerful Swiss Army Knife, providing interactive graphics, charts, sports scoring, social media and much more as video with alpha channel to overlay on your broadcast. Or hear all about how with mimoLive at the core of your live video production you can best leverage NDI video sources to stream your show live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

Also get a first glimpse at PhotoPresenter with NDI, an iPad app for presenting your photos in an interactive presentation.

We’d love to meet you and hear all about your exciting projects and how mimoLive could help make your vision a reality.

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Be Creative This Summer With 12★apps

Each year, the Apple Design Awards are testimony to this fact: Europe has some of the best and most creative Mac and iOS developers.

Our friends at Creaceed pay tribute to this with their semi-annual 12★apps promotion, rallying top European developers around a common theme. This time it's "Creative Summer". All these apps are now available at a significant discount:

  • Pictello (AssistiveWare): Create, read and share visual, talking stories in a breeze
  • Wrise (AssistiveWare): Reading and writing accessible and fun for everyone
  • GIF’ted (Bitfield AB): Turn your movies into animated GIF’s
  • iSubtitle (Bitfield AB): Soft subtitled movies for your Apple gear
  • QuickScale (CodingMammoth): Resize many pictures in seconds
  • Hydra iOS (Creaceed): Amazing Photography
  • Hydra Mac (Creaceed): Pro HDR Editing
  • Carbo (Creaceed): Handwriting in the Digital Age
  • VideoGrade (Flainez Apps): Color Editor for HD Video and Photos
  • TiltShift (Flainez Apps): Miniature Effect for Movies and Photos
  • SKRWT (Mjagielski): Lens & Perspective Correction App
  • Colors (Tayasui)
  • Sketches (Tayasui)

Boinx is participating with FotoMagico 5 Pro (which will be just US$74.99* until July 16th, 2017) and iStopMotion for iPad (which will be just US$4.99 on the App Store until July 16th, 2017)

Check out the 12★apps...

Early Live Streaming: Solar Eclipse of 1999

A History of mimoLive: The Early Years

In a sense, mimoLive was born on August 11th, 1999. That was the day when we produced our first large scale live video stream on the Internet: The total solar eclipse of 1999.

I had become friends with Markus, the CTO of the largest website in Germany at the time, Focus Online, when we both worked for Apple touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland to train Apple Service Partners. Markus actually took a holiday from his duties as CTO of Focus to go on those tours, which had a brutal schedule, and after we finished our duties, Markus worked some more hours fixing his servers. He is that kind of guy. But I digress.

My former physics teacher at the Max Born Gymnasium (the German version of high school), was an astronomy buff. For him, the solar eclipse was the perfect occasion to get the students excited about his favourite topic, so he decided to put on a huge solar eclipse party.

At the same time, Apple was looking for use cases for the brand new QuickTime Streaming Server. I thought: Why not combine all of this and live stream the solar eclipse from the observatory – the largest school observatory in Germany - of the Max Born Gymnasium?

It was easy to convince the MBG, Focus Online and Apple and so, on August 11th, 1999, the observatory was stuffed with PowerMac super computers and a top notch Sony video camera attached to the telescope, ready to stream the event to the world. In the end, the telescope proved to be too powerful to be useful, so we just taped the Sony camera to the side of the telescope and pointed it at the sun directly, but the telescope’s tracking proved indispensable for keeping the sun in the center of the camera view.

Shortly after the live stream started, Markus’ mobile phone started beeping like crazy: One server after the other texted panic from overload due to too many watchers. Markus looked at me with a huge smile on his face and said: “That’s a job well done!” It was the largest online live event in Germany at that time.

None of us could have imagined that the enthusiasm for live video streaming born on that day would eventually lead to the creation of mimoLive – The Multi-In, Multi-Out Live Video Engine.

Apple’s QuickTime technology was way ahead of its time back then: We also produced 360° photos – called QuickTime VRs – of the event as shown in the cover picture of this article. View the 360° version over on Facebook.

FotoMagico 5.3 crashes

Numerous customers were suddenly experiencing crashes with FotoMagico 5.3 purchased directly from our FastSpring store starting this Wednesday. The cause of this is an expired Apple issued developer certificate which has the purpose of making sure that the downloaded file is legitimate and not some malware. Ideally, the expiration of this certificate should not have an effect on already downloaded and installed apps, nor should it affect already signed apps in the distribution channels. Unfortunately, something is broken in the OS that causes the app to crash because of this expired certificate. Apple told us they are working on a fix.

While we wait for this fix, if you are affected by this problem, you can download the brand new FotoMagico 5.4 now, which we shipped yesterday and which, among other things, addresses this issue by being signed with a new certificate.

I'm sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused.

On behalf of the Boinx Software Crew,


Looking for the ultimate coding challenge?

We are upgrading our engineering team with a talented macOS/iOS developer. For logistical reasons, this time, proficiency in German is required, so the job ad is in German.

Erobere Dir Deinen Platz in unserem preisgekrönten Entwicklerteam mit internationaler Reputation und arbeite an unseren spannenden macOS und iOS Produkten. Wir suchen:

macOS/iOS Developer (m/w)

Werde ein Teil von Boinx Software und leiste einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Betreuung und Weiterentwicklung unserer macOS und iOS Apps. Unsere Software wurde wiederholt mit dem Apple Design Award ausgezeichnet, da Bedienbarkeit und Design sowie die technische Umsetzung über dem Branchenstandard liegen. Mit flachen Hierarchien, einem kleinem, aber erfahrenen Team mit internationaler Reputation entwickeln wir macOS und iOS Apps, welche wir weltweit vertreiben.


  • Betreuung und Weiterentwicklung bestehender Apps auf macOS und iOS
  • Konzeption und Entwicklung innovativer Apps


  • Mind. 2 Jahre Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von macOS oder iOS Apps
  • Sehr gute Kenntnisse in Objective-C und Swift
  • Sicherer Umgang mit Xcode und Git
  • Kenntnisse Jenkins von Vorteil
  • Fließende Sprachkenntnisse in Englisch und Deutsch
  • Ausgeprägte analytische Fähigkeiten, hohe Flexibilität und Kreativität
  • Große Leidenschaft für Apple Produkte, insbesondere Apps, neueste Technologien und Trends
  • Eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten mit viel Engagement und Herzblut

Unser Angebot

  • Bei uns arbeitest Du mit innovativen Produkten und neuesten Technologien.
  • Wir fördern Dich mit vielfältigen interessanten Arbeitsaufgaben, die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten bieten.
  • Hochqualifizierte und hilfsbereite Kollegen, mit denen Du Hand in Hand arbeitest, stehen Dir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.
  • Offene Türen und flache Hierarchien kennzeichnen unser positives und freundliches Betriebsklima.
  • Dezentraler Arbeitsplatz – Arbeite von Zuhause in Deutschland oder Österreich, oder als digitaler Nomade am Strand von Bali.

Hast Du Dich in der Jobbeschreibung wiedererkannt? Dann sende Deine aussagekräftige Bewerbung mit Angabe Deiner Gehaltsvorstellung und Deines frühestmöglichen Eintrittsdatum in elektronischer Form bitte an:

Oliver Breidenbach

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, use mimoLive, FotoMagico or iStopMotion for scary projects to keep your family, friends or colleagues on the edge and haunt them forever.

  • FotoMagico Halloween Snippet: Send off your Halloween party guests with a memorable FotoMagico slide show that will haunt them forever. Watch the trailer...
  • mimoLive Halloween Pack: Scary Zombie puppets, spiders and more for pranking your respondents on Skype calls or Google Hangouts, or for endless greenscreen fun with the kids.
  • Headless Hoseman – The Animation Chefs obviously had fun creating their Halloween stop motion movie. You can, too!

BREAKING mimoNews: New Anchor for Boinx YouTube Channel

Breaking news hit the mimoNews HQ today:

Bastian "Schlingel" Wölfle announced that after winning the mimoLive championship twice, he is resigning his position at the peak of his career by the end of June. He explained his decision in a press conference and mentioned that Boinx is looking for a successor in front of the camera. To find out who will be our new anchor for this channel, watch the video above.

mimoLive Licensing Model

Dear Customers,

We've recently announced that mimoLive (previously BoinxTV) will be available with a time-based licensing model. We didn't come to this decision lightly.

I understand that this may be upsetting to some of you and I'm sincerely sorry about that. Personally, I wish the business model that we used back in the days would still work, but times have changed and we need to adapt.

I certainly understand the wish to benefit indefinitely from the initial purchase and being able to decide on one’s own merit when to pay for an update. But consider this: A software that is tailored entirely to a single customer’s pace and needs would cost millions instead of a couple of hundreds.

By changing our model we can afford to continue to offer our customers a great software product that they can afford.

BoinxTV 1.0 was released in 2009 and every update we shipped since then was free. That's six years of free updates. In these six years we overhauled the user interface again and again, rewrote the entire rendering engine, added numerous substantial new features and improved much more under the hood.

If you have used BoinxTV before and maybe have purchased it in 2009 for the full price, you paid less than $7 per month for it. If we could continue to provide updates free of charge, we would, but we simply cannot sustain development this way.

Our goal is to drive mimoLive forward aggressively and for it to become a mission critical tool. The list of features we want to add is endless and requires considerable resources. We've boosted our engineering team with Beni, Douglas and Thomas, our new audio, video and OS X/iOS wizards, respectively.

We want to get the latest and greatest stuff out to you, our customers, as soon as it is ready, rather than waiting until the next major release is due. We also want to be around for years to come and create a great software that you like as much as we do.

This will only work if we have a steady revenue stream. I assure you we'll do our best to demonstrate to you that your investment is worth it.

We also want to enable people to run their own TV studio that have not been able to do so before. That's why we created the "Private" license. A 3-year private license for mimoLive costs less than BoinxTV used to cost. Considering that under the old model, we would have to create a paid upgrade every 18 to 24 months, this in effect makes mimoLive more affordable. And you get new functionality and constant improvements the second they are ready instead of having to wait for a major upgrade.

There are many more arguments for this new licensing model and I acknowledge that there are also some against it. I'm sad that our decision means that some of our customer will not follow us. But I'm confident that it also means that we'll be able to better serve the customers who do.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments for this post.



Newsletter: Spice up your videos on the cheap

It is a running gag in our home town of Munich that every year in mid-November, the public transport authority struggles with the surprising and sudden onset of winter. The first snow and frost of the season causes the doors on the trains and trams to freeze shut, the heating to fail and chaos to break loose. After all, with spring just barely over, who'd have thought that winter could come this fast?

This year, I can relate better than ever before. As promised in the last newsletter, we do have exciting projects coming – mimoLive (formerly known as BoinxTV), FotoMagico 5, and a new thing soon to be featured on the new Apple TV. But before we could get our parkas out of storage, winter has come and those things are not quite ready yet. (You can sign up for the betas, though!)

So, how about a little video magic to pass the time? Tobias Witzgall, a very talented media design student, photographer and cinematographer, has made us a new trailer for Boinx FxTiles, the 3D effects and transitions package we created in cooperation with FxFactory. Maybe a little inspiration on how to spend the long nights ahead to improve your creative design skills...

Coincidentally, if you need to spice up your Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro or After Effects projects, now, for only one week, FxTiles and all the other cool plug ins from FxFactory are 20% off.

Remember, no discount is worth getting beat up over, so click on over to FxFactory to save money safely right from your office or living room.

And definitely don't miss the next newsletter, where I will reveal the next big thing for your new Apple TV.

OS X El Capitan and Boinx Software

Since Apple released its latest operating system OS X El Capitan, yesterday, most of you want to upgrade as soon as possible. Of course working with the latest built of an operating system is always great, but major upgrades mostly also cause problems with third party software.

So please check the list of supported Boinx Software applications below, before you upgrade to OS X El Capitan.


FotoMagico 4.6.3 works without know issues on OS X El Capitan.

Mouseposé 3

Mouseposé 3.2.7 works flawless on OS X El Capitan.

iStopMotion 3.6

iStopMotion 3 is not supported on OS X El Capitan yet. Cameras and Images are displayed incorrect. We are working on a fix, but major video capture classes are affected but this issue.


BoinxTV 1.9.12 is not supported on OS X El Capitan yet. At the moment it is not possible to capture video sources or playback movies. Please do not upgrade now, as BoinxTV cannot be used productively with OS X El Capitan installed.

mimoLive Beta and FotoMagico 5 Beta

Our engineering team works unbelievable hard to make mimoLive (successor of BoinxTV) and FotoMagico 5 even more awesome than its predecessors. If you would like to see and try out the next generation of our applications, simply sign up for their beta tests.

Both applications are ready for OS X El Capitan and can be used with minor bugs. But please keep in mind, both applications are still beta versions and should not be used for productive purposes.