Well, the LEGOs Are All in Order!

YouTuber Goblet Studios came up with a great video for the GO-Film 2013 competition hosted by Onion Animations on www.bricksinmotion.com, and the themes of “order” and “change” play a very special part (hint, hint!).

The video shows a mysterious man (well, a LEGO man!) and his work, and the ending may surprise you! All of the sets were entirely built from LEGO bricks and then animated using iStopMotion frame by frame. Goblet Studios used a Logitech Webcam C300, giving the iStopMotion video a sharp, clear HD quality. Great recommendation, Goblet Studios!

“It was fast and easy, and the software did not crash once during the whole process,” the YouTuber says. “The onion skinning feature is also very helpful!”

For more awesome work from Goblet Studios, check out the LEGO-filled YouTube channel here.