iStopMotion “Outnumbers” the Competition

… According to blog “Outnumbered 3 to 1,” that is! Outnumbered, a blog run by “real moms keeping it real,” says that iStopMotion is worth the download in a sea of overwhelming apps, especially for children.

[iStopMotion] will turn your children into rising star animators and filmmakers,” Katrina, mother, blogger and app reviewer, praises.

Outnumbered notes that coming up with a really fun idea is always the hardest part, but once you have that down, just get out your iPad and get to making it (they suggest putting your iPad in a holder to keep it still).

My skill on making movies is at complete beginner,” says Katrina. “I literally downloaded the app a week ago and played with it for a little bit but I was still able to make a video right away. When I was done I was able to download it directly to my YouTube channel … Really all you need is patience because the app itself is super easy to use. I do not consider myself to be a technology expert and I still found it a ton of fun … The iStopMotion app for the iPad is a way to use technology but still have your kids using their imagination. It does not get any better than that in an app!

Check out the rest of Outnumbered 3 to 1’s review here! Also be sure to take a look at the iStopMotion clip Katrina created above to spark some great ideas of your own!