mimoLive 4.1: NDI® PTZ Control, Better Sources Management, Web Browser Capture Source

mimoLive 4.1 is now available for download. The top new features are:

  • You can now control NDI PTZ Cameras directly in the Multiview. Overlays allow you to directly control pan, tilt and zoom as well as set and recall stored positions.
  • Sources in the Source Repository are now sorted into folders and can be reordered for a better overview.
  • A Web Browser capture source with transparency support makes it easy to bring web content such as game widgets, chat rooms or HTML/JavaScript/CSS based broadcast graphics into your production.
  • If your audio interface supports multiple channels, you can now select which channels are used for playout in the Audio Output destinations.

In addition to that, we've also improved the handling of NDI Sources and fixed a lot of issues.

Important: Facebook comments are currently disabled pending a review from Facebook.

For the full list of new features, enhancements and fixes, please see the release notes.

Download mimoLive 4.1...

HOT FIX: Facebook Comments Disabled

Unfortunately, Facebook recently shut down some of the APIs that mimoLive is using to fetch the comments for a Facebook live stream. This caused problems when streaming to Facebook regardless of whether you were using the Comments feature or not.

To address these problems, we had to temporarily turn off the Comments feature for Facebook live streams beginning with mimoLive 4.0.3.

Currently, the comments feature only works with YouTube comments. We've changed the way mimoLive accesses the Facebook comments and are currently awaiting review by Facebook. We'll release an update to mimoLive as soon as Facebook approves the changed API use. Thank you for your patience.