mimoLive 2.5beta: Playlists, Twitch chat, AXIS PTZ control

The big new feature in mimoLive 2.5 will be the Playlist Source. Beyond that, mimoLive 2.5beta has some cool things you shouldn't miss either:

  • Playlist Visualizer layer that displays song title and artist whenever a new playlist item comes up
  • AXIS Control layer for controlling pan, tilt and zoom of AXIS IP cameras
  • Twitch Chat layer that displays the content of the IRC Chat of a Twitch channel

Go get it now...

Impressions: Copenhagen (Water)

Our friend John M. Woody (Apple Distinguished Educator, filmmaker and overall great guy) turns every trip into a filmmaking exercise. This time, he went on a cruise of the Baltic Sea, taking his iPhone 6s+ and a LanParte HHG-01 stabilizer to shoot amazing 4K footage. For his still animation needs, he loves to turn to FotoMagico 5, adding significant punch to the videos while saving a lot of time. Watch the entire series...

YouTube Gaming takes flight with mimoLive

Watch how easy and fast it is to set up a YouTube Gaming live stream with mimoLive as Captain Piets prepares to take off from Salzburg International Airport (SZG). mimoLive features minimal delay to the streaming service and advanced overlays and graphics to help gamers create more interesting live video streams on their Macs.

Flight Simulator and Pilots License not included.

mimoLive 2.5b1: Playlists! Need we say more?

Before the ink is properly dry on the mimoLive 2.4 announcement, the Boinx engineers serve up the next giant new feature: playlists.

mimoLive 2.5 will include a playlist source that allows you to play video or audio files. It supports playing each file one-by-one, continuous playout, random playout, looping, crossfades and more.

You can use it for:

  • Playing sponsor messages
  • Filling breaks in your live streams
  • Creating a music video show

and much more.

Give mimoLive 2.5b1 a spin...