Ultimate Mac (macOS, OS X) Screen Shot (Grab) Cheat Sheet

Maybe I'm getting old, but I never remember those modifier keys and every time I want to take a screen shot on my Mac, I have to google for the correct key combo. Unfortunately, the top results are all incomplete, so this is the ultimate screen shot cheat sheet for OS X (macOS). Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

Full screen:

  • Cmd-Shift-3: Full screen shot, save to disk
  • Cmd-Shift-Option-3: Full screen shot, copy to clipboard

Part of the screen, window, menu:

  • Cmd-Shift-4: Pick a region, save to disk
  • Cmd-Shift-Option-4: Pick a region, copy to clipboard
  • While making the selection, pressing Shift locks one of the directions, Option is completely silly, Space lets you move the selection around.
  • Pressing space switches to the window selector. To make a screen shot of the window without the shadow, press Option while clicking on the window.

Especially the last part about omitting the shadow in a window screen shot seems to be unknown.

PS. to me: The short cut for the Emoji-Palette is Cmd-Ctrl-Space.

Dean College celebrates 150th

David Price is a Dean College allumni. He attended the college's 150th commencement together with some friends from his class of 1965-66 and took the opportunity to document the occasion using photos and videos and combining them in a brief, 8-minute slideshow using FotoMagico 5. This is a great example of how easy it is to use video and photos together to tell the story of an event, turning it into a fond memory for all who attended.

mimoLive 2.3:

Just a bit over two months since mimoLive 2.0, we are already releasing mimoLive 2.3.

Delivering on the promise of shipping cool new stuff as fast as possible, mimoLive users gained an impressive array of new possibilities along with major improvements in performance and stability since 2.0:

  • Support for 360° video streaming with a 360° Placer layer and filters for deskew, camera position
  • New Weather Forecast and Weather Map layer.
  • Up to 9 Sources for the Switcher layer and shortcuts for dissolve transition.
  • Improved Cyclic Sponsor Logos
  • Text Source
  • Video Delay filter
  • Color Correction filter
  • Face Tracking filter
  • Support for video with Alpha channel via Syphon.

On top of that, 2.3 adds:

  • Virtual Playout! Use mimoLive in Skype, Google Hangout and other apps as a camera and audio source.
  • Twitter Layer with updated look and support for photos
  • Import FMLE configuration files provided by streaming service providers to make streaming setup even easier.
  • Subtitle layer that is able to playback .srt or .sbv formatted subtitle files.
  • Improved feedback if there is a problem with recording to disk or streaming.
  • Fullscreen playout mirroring for providing video to a confidence monitor for acting in front of a green screen.
  • Detachable settings popovers for more control over recording, streaming, playout and full screen playout.

Already in the pipeline for the next releases:

  • Improved Facebook Live streaming setup.
  • Playlist source for playing out video and sound from a list of files.

Get mimoLive 2.3...

mimoLive 2.3b3: Improvements to Virtual Playout, usablility, screen playout,Twitter layer and more

mimoLive 2.3b3 contains so much new stuff, that, back in the olden days, it would have been a great major update all by itself!

Here's what's new since 2.3b2 last week:

  • The Virtual Playout plugins now work with Google Hangout in Safari and QuickTime Player Movie Recording as well. Please update the plugins by downloading und running the installer again: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/knowledge/installation-and-setup/WS100457
  • The settings popovers for recording, streaming, playout and full screen playout can be detached and placed persistently anywhere. This is not just very handy for monitoring the streaming status.
  • Added the option to mirror the fullscreen output. This is very helpful if you use the fullscreen playout for a confidence monitor. Actors in front of a greenscreen can now move more intuitively.
  • Photos that appear in the Twitter layer can now be limited in height.

Also, this release fixes a lot of crashing bugs.

mimoLive 2.3 shapes up to be a great release with these things already added before 2.3b3:

  • Virtual Playout! Use mimoLive in Skpye or Google Hangout as a camera source!
  • Import FMLE-Configuration files provided by most streaming services.
  • Twitter layer will display associated images. Also gave it a face lift and made the "boradcast layout" suggested by Twitter the default.
  • Added a Subtitle layer that is able to playback .srt or .sbv formatted subtitle files. (Default content is "Pledge of Allegiance" for school morning announcements)

Download mimoLive 2.3b3...