mimoLive 2.3b2: Use mimoLive as a camera in other Mac apps

Hot on the heels of mimoLive 2.2 comes mimoLive 2.3b2 with a much requested feature: mimoLive can now be used as a camera in many OS X apps, including Skype and Google Hangout when used in Google Chrome.

(Due to platform security restrictions, you need to use a separate installer for this feature.)

This allows you to spice up your online presentations, webinars or your calls with info graphics, lower thirds, greenscreen and other gizmos.

Other improvements:

  • Import FMLE configuration files provided by streaming service providers to make streaming setup even easier
  • Twitter layer now displays images and has a new look
  • Streaming to services based on Akamai should now work

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BREAKING mimoNews: New Anchor for Boinx YouTube Channel

Breaking news hit the mimoNews HQ today:

Bastian "Schlingel" Wölfle announced that after winning the mimoLive championship twice, he is resigning his position at the peak of his career by the end of June. He explained his decision in a press conference and mentioned that Boinx is looking for a successor in front of the camera. To find out who will be our new anchor for this channel, watch the video above.

mimoLive 2.2: 360° live streaming

The top feature of mimoLive 2.2 is support for 360° live streaming via YouTube. The new version includes filters to help deskew input from the Ricoh Theta S camera, change the orientation and position of the video on the equirectangular projection and position text and other video elements in 3D space on the video.

Other improvements:

  • Video Delay filter (great things coming!)
  • Color Correction filter
  • Better status information when live streaming
  • Syphon source now also correctly processes the alpha channel

Download mimoLive 2.2

mimoLive 2.2b2

Hot off the press, mimoLive 2.2b2 has a number of interesting improvements:

  • Video Delay Filter: If you need to delay the video for a couple of frames to synch it up with something, this is now possible.
  • Color Correction Filter: If your video is slightly off color, this filter helps you to quickly fix it. Also fun to play with.
  • The Syphon source now also honors the alpha channel, enabling all kinds of cool hacks.

A number of fixes complement this release:

  • The 360 Placer layer now has a soft edge. Looks really cool!
  • Fixes a crash when switching off playout when running on OS X 10.10

CAUTION: This post contains 360° live streaming content

We've just released mimoLive 2.2b1. The highlight of the next version is 360° live streaming via YouTube.

You're invited to experience the 360° live stream of the Boinx crew watching the Apple WWDC keynote at our HQ in Puchheim today. We'll demo the new 360° features and answer your questions:

Currently, mimoLive 2.2b1 is optimized for the Theta S camera. It contains:

  • Deskew filter for the Theta S camera
  • Filter to change the camera image orientation and center point
  • Placer layer to position other elements like images and text in the 360° video
  • Streaming Status Panel now indicates if video is encoded with a hardware encoder or a software encoder

As always, we welcome your comments in the forum.

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