FotoMagico 5 is here!

Great news! FotoMagico 5 has been released and is now available both from our website and on the Mac App Store. Watch the recording of the FotoMagico 5 launch live stream where Bastian and Peter take you on a comprehensive tour of the new features and answer audience questions.

FotoMagico 5 Highlights

  • Snippets give you a whole new way to compose complex slideshows quickly by simply choosing from a collection of pre-built story parts and adding in your own photos and videos.
  • Music Snippets keep you out of copyright troubles by providing free to use CC licensed music and the proper attribution.
  • Animation Assistant lets you choose from a variety of styles to automatically make your slideshow move.
  • Improved Text Editing and Text Placeholders make it a snap to express yourself. Automatically insert slideshow title, author, music title and artist or filename, EXIF metadata and more to quickly create a portfolio show. (Pro Feature)
  • Audio Marker Assistant helps you to keep music and slides in perfect harmony. (Pro Feature)
  • Audio Volume Envelopes & Fades – the most requested new feature! Use envelopes to make parts of the music softer when you intend to speak, or if video volume should take center stage, or increase volume when you want to enhance the mood. (Pro Feature)
  • Completely new dark user interface.

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FotoMagico 5: USD 49.99*

FotoMagico 5 Pro: USD 99.99*


FotoMagico 3 to FotoMagico 5 Pro: USD 79.99*

FotoMagico 4 to FotoMagico 5 Pro: USD 49.99*

Bought FotoMagico 3 or 4 at the Mac App Store?

FotoMagico 5 vs. FotoMagico 5 Pro

With FotoMagico 5, we're re-introducing the entry level FotoMagico 5 product for the casual home user. FotoMagico 5 Pro gives you additional Pro level features:

  • Timeline View displays the timing of the slideshow in a more intuitive way
  • Extra audio track and recording mode for narration
  • Direct access to Aperture and Lightroom photo libraries
  • Teleprompter view supports you when giving a live presentation
  • Chapters let you group your slides for a better overview
  • Masks and Borders give you more creative possibilities
  • Text Placeholders to display slideshow and image metadata in your titles
  • Manual Audio Fades and Envelopes
  • Additional export options: Standalone Player, ProRes video file, custom video format

Our Valley

This is a nice example of how well FotoMagico 5 complements Final Cut Pro X to create something special. John M. Woody. Emeritus Professor of Media Arts at James Madison University and Apple Distinguished Educator writes: "This past year, since getting my iPhone 6 and a GH4... I have had a blast capturing shots of the [Shenandoah] Valley. [...] Put on headsets or crank up the audio and just enjoy some glimpses of the beauty around me to the music of a great composer James Joshua Otto! To me... it's special. A big thanks to James, Richard Cawood and the Good Family up the road. Enjoy!" Enjoy it we did, John, thank you very much for sharing!

Marvelous mimoLive Plays Well at Varsity Hockey Tournament

After taking over the video program at Brookings High, digital specialist Brad Nupen was left with a low quality stream setup and was unhappy with the overall look of his broadcasts and began considering his options. Queue BoinxTV!

Brad says, “I really enjoyed the immediate results of the broadcast-ready templates for my students and the relative simplicity in setting up.”

When the news broke that BoinxTV was to undergo some cosmetic and technical changes, Brad was eager to see what was in store. As BoinxTV evolved and took on the new moniker, mimoLive, Brad instantly saw the impact of the updated software.

“The quality of the image, the ability to add graphics and the ease and stability of the streaming really demonstrated that mimoLive is going to be a contender in the live streaming arena,” says Brad.

Once better acquainted with the program, Brad decided it was time to see what mimoLive could really do at the Brookings High state boy’s varsity hockey tournament.

Brad explains, “I was a bit nervous because there were people from across the state that would be tuning in and watching it at a later date, and I wanted to have the best quality possible. I was not disappointed with mimoLive! The broadcast went on without any problems. I was able to follow the live action using the monitor on mimoLive as my secondary camera monitor.”

Since the students are the big users of mimoLive in Brad’s classroom, he is eager to integrate more student-produced works such as commercials, short movies and more into the live streaming broadcasts. With mimoLive, Brad can see clearly just how to make that happen.

To see how Brad and his students flawlessly captured the boy’s varsity hockey tournament, click here.

From Ham Radio to FotoMagico

Ray Thompson is no novice when it comes to communications, technology and photography. Whether it is founding Abilene Christian College’s first radio station, KACC, bringing his knowledge of Morse code to the United States Air Force or being an early adapter of computers in the 20th century, Ray attributes his early love of tech to his first hobby: ham radio.

While in Southern Germany with the U.S. Air Force, Ray picked up photography as a hobby and then later found a way to merge this with his love of computers.

“I love photography—in a technical way,” says Ray. “I am proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom, and I enjoy sharing my photographs with my real family, my Facebook family, my Apple Corps family and my church family.”

Once discharged from the Air Force, Ray decided on a career in electronics, which ultimately led him to Collins Radio Company (which later became a part of Rockwell International). Then, when he was the engineering technical writer, Ray was promoted to manager of publications engineering and later he moved into logistics engineering and lifecycle cost analysis because of his fascination with computers.

It was at this time that Ray purchased one of the very first Apple II computers in 1978 and became one of the founding members of the Apple Corps of Dallas, the oldest Mac Users Group in the U.S., and he hasn’t missed many of the monthly meetings since!

At 85 years old, Ray is the only remaining founding member and serves as the co-chair of the VisionsSIG, where members are encouraged to become involved with photography, videos and graphics. Among his group, Ray is the FotoMagico guru and loves teaching others to use and enjoy the app. He even started a public Facebook group, FotoMagico Fans, which has over 150 members!

Ray says, “I believe FotoMagico gives me an ‘edge’ in presenting my photographs and videos. Most of my audiences have no idea how I create my presentations. They don’t ‘get’ photographs as video, and their wonder and admiration are the fruit of my limited ability as a photographer. A few are curious enough to ask, and I invite them to our VisionsSIG to learn for themselves, but most just enjoy the show!”

Ray’s enthusiasm for photography and technology is contagious, and we can’t wait to see what else he applies his FotoMagico skills to! To see more of Ray’s FotoMagico work, click here.