iStopMotion for iPad 3.0

iStopMotion for iPad 3 is now available from the App Store. It simplifies the use of iStopMotion Remote Camera, supports iPad Pro, has a new look, supports the Flic Smart Wireless Button and offers more Sharing options.

If you already own iStopMotion for iPad, the update is ready for you to download free of charge. If not, get it now at just $4.99, 50% off the regular price. (valid through March 4th, 2016)

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iStopMotion for iPad 3.0 Highlights

iPad Pro and a New Look

The display of the iPad Pro is huge and the user interface of iStopMotion for iPad has been adjusted to make better use of the screen size. We also gave it a facelift which you can enjoy on every iPad, bringing it more in line with recent design trends.

Flic Smart Wireless Button

iStopMotion for iPad 3 includes support for the Flic Smart Wireless Button. Using this control button allows you to capture frames without touching the iPad and risk moving the camera, avoiding jerking motion in your video. The Flic Button is also quite useful beyond iStopMotion. Get a Flic Button...

Zero Configuratio Networking

iStopMotion for iPad and the iStopMotion Remote Camera can now talk to each other without being on the same Wifi network. Just launch the apps on your devices and they will find each other like it's magic.

More Sharing Than Ever

iStopMotion for iPad now uses the iOS sharing extensions for sharing. This allows you to upload your animations almost anywhere including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, FTP servers, WebDAV, iCloud and so on.

Beep Beep! Here Comes Another iStopMotion Video!

We’ve been getting some great iStopMotion submissions from Youtubers lately! Check out this animation by Youtuber Jelly Eyes. Not only is it a great example of how smooth your iStopMotion videos can be, but it has some awesome sound effects too! Jelly Eyes crafted this film about a crazy car chase using a Logitech webcam and iStopMotion for Mac.

“iStopMotion is a software that gives great results without the usual frustrations and steep learning curve,” they say.

Be sure to watch the video above for some great tips on visual effects, adding audio and of course, creating a flawless animation with iStopMotion and the props you have lying around at home! Are you interested in submitting your own iStopMotion animation? Follow the traffic flow and send it to us here!

Spacedog and Alligatorman’s Interstellar Shenanigans Continue

When we last heard from Rachel, the Sydney, Australia native was beginning to get comfortable with the ins and outs of iStopMotion, using the software to give life to her claymation characters, Spacedog and Alligatorman.

After 8 episodes, it’s clear that Rachel knows a thing or two about bringing her creations to life! As seen in the latest episode, “All Tied Up,” the character’s movements are seamless and lifelike, part of what makes their interstellar shenanigans so enjoyable to watch.

To see what’s got Spacedog and Alligatorman “All Tied Up,” watch the latest episode above.

Don’t forget to stop by to stay up to date on the latest episodes and tips from Rachel on the claymation process!

Walking Wiromals

London artist, Tessa Holmes, has established herself as a successful printmaker, having taught the subject at the London College of Communication for over 12 years.

Most recently, she’s taken her art in a new direction, using her animalgamation pieces as inspiration. Her new creative direction has led to the development of her fascinating concept, “wiromals,” wire sculptures that are brought to life with the help of iStopMotion.

Tessa says, “I have wanted to animate my work for a long time - but equipment, technical ability and cost has always prevented me from doing this. iStopMotion is a bit of magic. Such an easy process: quick, simple and with immediate results. Now I have that ability to make my characters live - what a thrill! The app has enabled me to put my ideas into practice and push my work in a different direction, inspiring me to think outside of the box.”

As of now, she’s created two of these expressive shorts, but has plans to develop a whole series featuring movement based activities and simple story lines.

Although Tessa is still exploring the all capabilities and features of iStopMotion, she already has some favorites.

“The green screen capability is great as well as the drawing tool – drawing directly onto the frames is brilliant!” she says.

We can’t wait to see how Tessa’s wiromals evolve. She’s even considering making them 3D in the future! For more on Tessa’s work, please visit her website here.

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iStopMotion and LEGO: The Perfect Animation Combination

When used together, LEGO and iStopMotion can bring to life some of the most imaginative scenarios. Take a look at this short by YouTuber LEGO Creator Cartoon for a peak into the thrills, schemes and plotting in LEGOland! Polished and technically impressive, the short highlights the storytelling capabilities that ISM is known for!

Be sure to check out LEGO Cartoon Creator’s channel for more iStopMotion cinema. Happy animating!

mimoCam: iPad/iPhone as external camera for mimoLive

With iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, Apple introduced a neat way to view the screen of an iPad or iPhone on the Mac: Simply hook up the device with a Lightning cable and set it up as a source in mimoLive. This is handy for recording game sessions or making product demo videos.

It would also be cool to be able to use the cameras in your iPhone or iPad as a camera for mimoLive this way. In fact, we've received numerous requests for just such a thing. The problem until today: There is no camera app that doesn't show camera controls on the screen, so you always had those in the video.

Introducing mimoCam: Just a simple app that shows the camera view full screen without any controls. Perfect for using your iOS devices as cameras in mimoLive. If you want to give it a try, sign up to the mimoCam beta.

UPDATE (Sept. 7th 2016): mimoCam 1.0 is now available from the App Store.

Fotomagico? C’est Magnifique!

Have you ever felt the need to share your fantastic photos without having to monotonously click through each image? This can sometimes be a daunting challenge if you aren’t using Fotomagico! Check out this slideshow by J.R. Thibault to see the entrancing beauty of Canada, just a few short minutes from Quebec City!

J.R. says, “FotoMagico is the best pro tool for such a project.”

We couldn’t agree more! Check out some of J.R.’s other work on his website.