Memories of Texas

John recently joined two fellow ADEs at the SXSWedu for the "Visual Literacy Bootcamp". He turned videos and photos from this trip into the "Memories of Texas" using Final Cut Pro X and FotoMagico. Produced at locations in Austin, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and San Antonio, most of the material was shot using an iPhone 6.

Craig Lauridsen Walks You Through “Creating a Stop Motion Story” to “Unlock Your Imagination”

Command, create and complete. Stop motion animation has never been easier. Our favorite stop motion guru, Craig Lauridsen, is back with a new book that is ready to turn you into the next animation wizard. “Creating a Stop Motion Story” challenges you to unlock your imagination and create a touching story through stop motion animation with the iPad.

Lauridsen simplifies the process with his straightforward step-by-step guide to creating a story-driven stop motion movie. Follow simple templates to create original stories or be brave and go out on your own. Utilize your new skills in the classroom or just for fun.

Take command of the GarageBand app to record high quality sound on your iPad. Then snap your animated frames using iStopMotion for iPad. Finally, complete your movie by adding a title and rolling credits in the iMovie app. You can have a complete work of genius finished in just a few hours. Use the iPad to harness 100% of your creativity.

With his latest book (available in both hard and digital copies) Lauridsen has created an excellent digital media resource for teachers and students alike. The iBook version is available for 9.99 US dollars, while the print version is available for 17.99 USD. This complete package comes with professional tips and tricks that include guides to trimming clips to remove noise, and how to’s, such as adding special sound effects. SO, what are you waiting for? Go grab “Creating a Stop Motion Story” at the iTunes store now and you can be the next big hit in stop motion animation by this time tomorrow. Happy animating!

For What You Do, Do It with iStopMotion

Musicians are constantly looking for unique ways to stand apart from the competition. Some take to dramatic theatrics, others use astronomical budgets for fancy effects, but it takes a real visionary to think outside the box and take a more creative route. Meet Melanie Page, the creative mastermind behind J. Robert Youngtown’s stop motion animation music video, “For What You Do.”

To create the music video, Melanie used Final Cut Pro and iStopMotion to do the majority of the “hard work.” She listened to the song repeatedly until she could visualize her interpretation of the lyrics and then ran with it. iStopMotion’s audio syncing capability was particularly helpful in this animation; Melanie was able to preview what she had created to ensure it matched the timing of the music. The onion skinning feature allowed her to match the frames to flawlessly execute a cohesive story.

Melanie uses 2D characters made out of paper and cardboard to ensure ease of movement, and she recommends it to new animators. Six weeks of long days and even longer nights clearly paid off with this polished final product. When J. Robert Youngtown asked Melanie to create something similar to a previous video for his next music video, she knew Boinx’s iStopMotion would be the tool to use.

“With all the new ways of doing stop motion animation I choose to do it the old school way so my animations have a certain style and texture to them,” she explains.

For more on Melanie, be sure to visit her Vimeo page here!