The Hare on the Hill

During the Inside Out 2014 festival, an event commemorating artistic work, a large white hare appeared across a remote hillside on the South Dorset Ridgeway in Southern England. The hare, drawn with chalk, became one of the most iconic images of the festival. Artist Sarah Butterworth came up with the original idea, and over the course of a couple days, she chalked the hare on the hill with a team of helpers.

Photographer Alastair Nisbet loved Sarah’s idea. He decided to document the process by using iStopMotion to create a timelapse animation. As an iStopMotion connoisseur – he’d used the program to film the 2012 Olympics with students, results that were seen by thousands on the big screen – Alastair knew it would be the perfect tool.

“Because the hare was on a hillside, I had to film it from a few hundred meters away to get a good angle,” he says. “I wanted to be able to change the shot throughout the shoot for added interest, and the solution was to use iStopMotion with an HD video camera recording into my MacBook.”

It took Alastair two days to film. He shot one frame every five seconds to record two minutes of action per second, so after editing, the timelapse contained just over two hours of action.

“Within a few weeks, of course, the Hare had completely disappeared,” Alastair says. “You would never know it was there.”

Check out Alastair’s timelapse above, complete with commentary from Sarah on the hare’s significance!

FotoMagico Maritime Madness

The annual Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington, has something exciting for everyone – presentations, demonstrations, meet-and-greets with wooden boat experts and enthusiasts, more than 300 wooden vessels to check out – and this year, Michael McKee decided to document the fun.

Michael put together a beautiful slideshow using FotoMagico resulting in a unique keepsake of all of his nautical memories. According to him, Boinx’s software app was awesome because of its transparency and easily findable and usable features. Great job, Michael! Your slideshow certainly makes a splash!

Check out the video above, but be warned – you’re going to want to plan a vacation after this one! You can see more of Michael’s photography here.

iStopMotion With a Little Help From My Friends

Vimeo-er Vander Lemes is celebrating some new companions for the year 2015, the type who are never at a loss for words – books! In this fun little animation made with iStopMotion for iPad and Final Cut Pro, Vander’s books take on a new challenge. It’s a real page-turner!

Vander’s animation is a perfect example of what you can put together without even leaving the house for supplies. Do you collect books? Magazines? Baseball cards? Stuffed animals? Postcards? Try documenting your own hobby or collection shot by shot with iStopMotion. Maybe it will inspire someone else to discover a new “companion”!

The Fox and the Film

Little Fox Films hails from Bangalore, India, but their stop motion videos are making their mark internationally, even though they’ve only been in business for just over a month.

The stop motion and film studio is made up of three film superstars in their early twenties – Nihal Anand (director and animator), Joanna Davala (artist and animator) and Josh Victor (business and finance) – but they have enough stop motion passion to fuel a much larger company. Their portfolio includes wedding invites, commercials, music videos and whatever else they can get their hands on, as long as they can use iStopMotion to help them get the job done.

“So far, we’ve only used iStopMotion for our projects,” says Nihal. “I started using it when I did a 3-day stop motion course in London two years ago. They used the software there, and I realized how easy it made the entire process. To just start out, I felt iStopMotion was very reasonably priced and had all the features I needed to make amazing films.”

And so far, the films have been amazing. The Little Fox team has worked on a small cooking series, a music video and a dream sequence for a Russian children’s theater production, along with some cool promos for the studio itself.

Their go-to camera is a Canon 5D Mark II, and iStopMotion’s new DSLR live preview compatibility has been essential to their workflow.

“It’s something we can’t work without,” Nihal says. “The camera works really well with the software and allows us to make some really high-quality stop motion. We had a few small issues getting it to work smoothly in the beginning, but the Boinx team was prompt in their response to all our questions and we got it running for all our projects!”

Little Fox Films is currently working on a commercial video for a discount coupon book, which they’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and they’re planning a small Christmas video of their own. As for other future projects, they’re willing to go as far outside of the box as they need to.

“The best thing about stop motion is bringing inanimate things to life,” Nihal says. “It’s just like magic.”

For more information, follow Little Fox Films on Facebook, and be sure to take a look at their iStopMotion promo above!