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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Comment - # 9/21/04; 10:18:46 AM - Oliver Breidenbach - Boinx Software -

Boinx Software Weblog moves to new address

Switching over the weblog to new technology: Blojsom powers the new weblog. Please direkt your browsers to:

New features include:

This weblog stays online as an archive.

Monday, September 20, 2004
Comment - # 9/20/04; 11:05:29 PM - Vera Ruttkowski - Untitled App -

Fifth Preview of Untitled App

Getting closer to 1.0, Boinx Untitled App gains quite a few improvements with a strong focus on export in Preview 5:

  • New: Custom Export Presets.
  • New: Support for Burning with Toast.
  • New: Smoothing for small movie sizes.
  • Better export reliability and compatibility.
  • Imroved Duration Slider.
  • Bug fixes.

Download Preview 5 now and help us make it even better by submitting feedback. Found a problem, or a good export preset that would be perfect to include in the distribution? Tell us!

Monday, September 13, 2004
Comment - # 9/13/04; 1:09:32 PM - Vera Ruttkowski - Boinx iStopMotion -

Family Project with iStopMotion

Lisa Reynolds created a nice animation with her Family and iStopMotion. Stars of her movie Snack Time are some fruits and her 6 year old daughter. It is her first animation using iStopMotion and we are looking forward to see more. Watch it

Friday, September 10, 2004
Comment - # 9/10/04; 10:31:03 AM - Florian Albrecht - Untitled App -

Untitled App goes Preview 4

Untitled App continues to evolve with lots of new features in Preview 4. See some of them in the screenshot on the right like

  • Better controls for Zoom and Rotation
  • Improved Advanced Pan & Zoom
  • Audio Markers, you will love them!

Of course, there's lots more

  • Export to a QuickTime movie
  • Better iTunes integration with search
  • Improved Storyboard Editing
  • and many others...

Check out the new version at

Monday, August 30, 2004
Comment - # 8/30/04; 6:29:15 PM - Oliver Breidenbach - Boinx iStopMotion -

iStopMotion 1.5b7 available

iStopMotion 1.5b7 is now available. To participate in the beta test program, download the software and get a beta license key. (All current beta license keys are about to expire.) Most important new feature is the still camera assistant that determines which features can be used with your digital still camera. A number of bug fixes make this beta the best yet. Thanks to everyone who reported issues!
Comment - # 8/30/04; 11:10:08 AM - Oliver Breidenbach - Boinx iStopMotion -

Customer Samples: Gonk!

John Mollison's son Wily directed and created a short film called "The guy who fell over and gonked his head" at the age of five. Funny movie even if the name is almost longer than the movie. John writes: "Your software was to credit in keeping him interested and involved. He's now 7 and shows great interest in stop-action films."
Friday, August 27, 2004
Comment - # 8/27/04; 11:55:54 AM - Oliver Breidenbach - Boinx iStopMotion -

The iStopMotion Montage Project

Ben Gadberry of Stoney Brook Films is pulling together an interesting project: The iStopMotion Montage Project is a sort of demo roll with projects done in iStopMotion. Ben asks everybody to contribute their works for his cause: We need all the video clips we can get. If you want to be a part of this, and not only show your support for iStopMotion, but bring notice to your animations, or time-lapse videos, contact Ben.
Comment - # 8/27/04; 11:17:30 AM - Oliver Breidenbach - Boinx iStopMotion -

Customer Samples: quakefilms

<quakefilms> is Dave Wardell: I found iStopmotion, a Stop Motion Animation and Time Lapse program that would work on my iBook. I did a couple of test films and fell in love. Since this change from program to program was so big, I changed the name of my film "company" to quakefilms. Check out the brickfilms on quakefilms' page.
Comment - # 8/27/04; 11:03:02 AM - Vera Ruttkowski - Boinx iStopMotion -

Oakhill Primary wins Becta Award

The kids from Oakhill Primary School, UK (aged 6) won the Becta DV Award 2004 with their Clay Animation Speccy4eyes. They used iStopMotion for the animation and finished it off in iMovie. The kids did everything including the capturing and editing and they are only six years old. Thanks to Jenny Hulme for the link.
Comment - # 8/27/04; 10:46:36 AM - Oliver Breidenbach - Boinx iStopMotion -

Customer Samples: The Birds

New from Schlaepfer Films: The Birds. The Tale of One Man and his struggle against a ravenous foe to regain his Pizza from The Birds. Coming in Winter 2004. Enjoy the trailer.

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